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Ein wunderbarer Mensch und seine Mission: World in Faces / Alexander Khimushin


The idea behind The World in Faces project is a result of my internal transformation, a shift from travel consumerism to giving back to the community, to make the world a better place. By praising world’s ethnic diversity I hope to make us all more respectful and tolerant to people of different ethnicity, religion or culture. By photographing people of different nationalities in traditional clothing I hope to raise interest for keeping our ethnic identities in the rapidly changing world of globalization. By taking portraits of disappearing ethnic minorities I would like to bring the world’s attention to their hardship that will hopefully help them to survive. It is equally important to gather and document what is still there: I often take portraits of elderly people that are the last native speakers of their indigenous language or the last ones who makes and wear traditional clothing.  Many of the ethnic minorities might not be around in a decade or two. I see this project as an important mission of mine that can and will make a social impact.   (Alexander)